ShareVault Announces eCTD Viewer – Major Advancement Tailored for Biopharma Regulatory Submissions

Posted by John Badger on Sep 19, 2016 2:10:55 PM

ShareVault Is the first dataroom to allow viewing documents within an eCTD Viewer

Today, ShareVault is announcing its eCTD Viewer at the 2016 RAPS Regualatory Convergence in San Jose, CA (#2016RAPS, booth 527). ShareVault is the first data room provider to offer integration with an eCTD viewer.  The innovative new capability allows for efficient review of biopharma regulatory submissions, such as INDs (Investigational New Drug Applications) and NDAs (New Drug Applications), in the eCTD (electronic Common Technical Document) format.  The viewer, developed jointly with DoubleBridge Technologies, Inc., is based on the industry-leading ROSETTA Phoenix™ eCTD Viewer, and is seamlessly integrated within the ShareVault data room.

When biopharma companies share submissions with third parties, the documents typically have to be shared in unprotected format in order to be viewed in an eCTD viewer.  The problem is that then the company has lost control of highly sensitive, confidential information within the submission.  Typically, sensitive information is shared with third parties using one of the leading virtual data room providers, which allows for full control and monitoriing of the disclosed information, including the ability to "remotely shred" disclosed documents, and track user viewing activity down to the page level.  The problem is that until now, eCTD submissions shared in a virtual data room do not preserve the structured presentation and inter-document hyperlinks offered by an eCTD viewer, making it much more tedious for third parties to review regulatory submission documents.  The new integrated viewer allows for protected sharing of regulatory submissions.

"We are thrilled to be the first data room provider to offer integration with an eCTD Viewer, and we couldn't be happier with how tightly we have been able to integrate with ROSETTA Phoenix, giving our users a simple, efficient and extremely secure solution for sharing regulatory submission documents.", said John Badger, ShareVault's co-founder and VP of Marketing and Product.

To sign up for a demo of the new ShareVault eCTD Viewer,  click the button below:

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Biopharma Dealmakers – What is an eCTD, and Why Should You Care?

Posted by John Badger on Jul 13, 2016 4:28:19 PM

Experienced biopharma dealmakers know that pharma companies seeking to partner with a biotech will require full disclosure of the regulatory submission documents. During due diligence, they will need to share the entirety of the IND or NDA with a potential partner. While many business development professionals may regard the internals of the IND or NDA as a huge black box of documents, regulatory professionals know this structure of documents inside the electronic submission is called an eCTD (electronic Common Technical Document).eCTD.png

The eCTD format is a complex nested hierarchy, which is not easy to read. For this reason,  several software companies have developed eCTD viewers, which make reviewing regulatory documents faster and more convenient, and which enable more efficient identification of the critical information contained in the submission.

Why Should Dealmakers Care?

We all want due diligence to go as quickly as possible, since less time generally translates into better deal terms. Experienced dealmakers know that if due diligence doesn't go swiftly, it can result in unfavorable changes in business conditions or the loss of deal momentum. They also know that most of the documents in a biopharma partnering due diligence data room are regulatory documents, and that most of the time spent in due diligence document review is related to reviewing those documents.

Regulatory experts on the due diligence team would love to request the full eCTD submission, which they could then load into an eCTD viewer in order to accelerate due diligence. But they know that you would never want to give them the full submission because once you've shared it in eCTD format, you can't "unshare" it if the deal goes south. So without an eCTD viewer, the due diligence teams instead slog through the eCTD submission in the dataroom's built-in viewer.

ShareVault is very excited to announce the release in a few weeks of a new integrated eCTD viewer, developed in collaboration with one of the leading providers of eCTD viewing software for pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies alike.  

First Data Room With an Integrated eCTD Viewer

ShareVault has always been the innovation leader in data rooms. One example is our support of document-to-document hyperlinking, which is another vital way to accelerate the review of regulatory submission documents. ShareVault has been–and still is–the only data room to support this essential feature.

One important capability offered by ShareVault's integration with the eCTD viewer is that the ShareVault administrator can decide which sections of the eCTD (pre-clinical, clinical, quality, manufacturing, etc.) should be permissioned to the different parties involved.  This gives our customers fully granular control of the permissions within the submission itself.

The new secure eCTD viewer will significantly accelerate the speed of regulatory due diligence. The announcement will reinforce our commitment to the life sciences industry as the only data room that has features specifically developed for life sciences.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the collaboration. We have already started beta testing and will be going live this summer with this exciting new feature.

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White Paper Now Available! Must-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations

Posted by ShareVault on Jul 1, 2016 12:18:07 PM

WP-MustKnow-Finance-Concepts-1-sm-2.jpegOn March 3rd ShareVault presented a free webinar titled "Must-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations." That webinar has now been translated into a white paper and is available for dowload here:

Get the White Paper

This white paper presents an introduction to the key concepts and most common methodologies used to evaluate life sciences assets. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is, or will be, raising financing, licensing an asset or selling your company, a private investor who wants to estimate and negotiate start-up share value, or any other professional who is active in the investing sector, you'll benefit from this overview of the key concepts used in life sciences valuation discussions.

Topics covered include: 

  • The various valuation methodologies used to assign a value to life science businesses and assets 

  • The methodologies used in particular by pharma partners and venture capitalists 

  • An explanation of three fundamental concepts in valuation: risk-adjusted value, cost of capital and present value

JohnSelig.jpgAbout the Authors:

John Selig, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mavericks Capital

John advises life sciences companies on M&A, licensing and financial strategy. John speaks frequently on topics in valuation, deal term benchmarking, and strategy. He teaches the Valuation and Finance module at BIO’s Executive Management Training course for BD professionals each year, and he will be teaching the Valuation module at Stanford Medical School’s Entrepreneurship Program.

JeffKaran.jpgJeff Karan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mavericks Capital

Jeff brings over 30 years of investment banking and corporate advisory experience to Mavericks Capital. He started his career in 1980 at Morgan Stanley and moved to Goldman Sachs six years later. In addition to his extensive knowledge of capital raising and merger & acquisitions, Jeff has advised clients on corporate strategy, business valuation, and a wide range of strategic partnership structures.

About Mavericks Capital:

Mavericks Capital and its licensed broker dealer, Mavericks Capital Securities, specializes in M&A, capital raises and strategic partnerships across the healthcare sector. They help construct and facilitate innovative and lucrative solutions for their clients. Their practices include therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, services and digital health. For more information, visit

Get the White Paper

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Get Your Free BioPharma Partnering Poster

Posted by Steve Joseph on Jun 21, 2016 9:16:49 AM

year_in_review_infographic-1.pngIt was great to be at BIO in San Francisco this year and see so many of our friends. If you didn't have a chance to take home our poster showing the partnering deals done by the top global pharma companies with biotech companies, grouped by therapeutic area, you can get one here.

The Official Data Room for BIO
ShareVault is proud to have been selected as the official data room provider for BIO and more than 30 other life sciences industry associations. We were selected because ShareVault is the only data room that provides features specifically developed to accelerate BioPharma partnering due diligence.

Much Faster Review of Regulatory Documents
Our exclusive document-to-document hyperlinking allows faster review of regulatory documents in your IND, NDA and subsequent resubmissions.

Fastest Data Room
ShareVault is a responsive, low-latency web application, making it the fastest data room on the market. ShareVault is quick to configure and set up, with fast drag-and-drop uploading, easy-to-organize tagging and batch operations that make it a snap to manage users and configure permissioning. It’s also faster for your end users, with high speed scrolling, instant fulltext search and a plug-in free document viewer that works in any browser.

Used by 44 of the 45 Top Global Pharma Companies
Big Pharma is already familiar with using ShareVault for BioPharma due diligence, which means that you can rest assured that your due diligence process will be streamlined – a good data room should speed up due diligence, not get in the way.


Free Resources for BioPharma Dealmakers
Did you know that ShareVault, in addition to being the best data room provider to the BioPharma industry, has free resources for BioPharma dealmakers? Here are just a few of our white papers targeted to BioPharma partnering:

WP-MustKnow-Finance-Concepts-1-sm-2.jpegMust-Know Finance Concepts for Life Sciences Valuations

This white paper, based on the webinar by the same name, presents an introduction to the key concepts and most common methodologies used to evaluate life sciences assets. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is, or will be, raising financing, licensing an asset or selling your company, a private investor who wants to estimate and negotiate start-up share value, or any other professional who is active in the investing sector, you'll benefit from this overview of the key concepts used in life sciences valuation discussions.

Authors: Jeff Karan and John Selig, Mavericks Capital

                                                   Get the White Paper


What's Hot & What's Not in Immuno-Oncology LicensingWP-Immuno-Oncology-BIO-sm.jpg

If you are developing an immuno-oncology drug or working toward in- or out-licensing of an immuno-oncology drug, you will want to read these perspectives.


  • Linda Pullan, PhD | Pullan Consulting
  • Jeff Bockman, PhD | Defined Health
  • Ferran Prat, PhD | MD Anderson
  • Axel Hoos, MD, PhD | GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK)
  • Nate Sanburn, MS | Eli Lilly & Company (Lilly)

Get the White Paper


Four Essential Steps to Successful BioPharma PartneringFour_Essential_Steps_wp_thumb.gif

Successful BioPharma partnerships don't happen by accident. And negotiating an out-licensing deal can be a daunting task – especially since the company may also be progressing the clinical portfolio.

This white paper, based on the webinar by the same name, provides you perspectives on the major steps required for a successful transaction.

Gautam Aggarwal, a partner with Triangle Insights Group, walks you through the essential steps that will maximize your chance of partnering success.

Get the White Paper


WP-SuccessfulLicensingNeg-BIO-sm.jpgSuccessful Biotech Licensing Negotiations

Biotech companies seeking to partner their drug candidates should decide in advance what they want to achieve in deal negotiations. Getting the best outcome depends on non-financial, as well as financial terms. In this white paper, Linda Pullan provides licensing negotiations insights from a biotech business development perspective.


Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D. | Pullan Consulting

Get the White Paper



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ShareVault and IRIS Announce Strategic Alliance to Provide End-to-End Product Management Solution for Life Sciences

Posted by Richard Andersen on Jun 6, 2016 10:16:00 AM

iris-interactive_logo-1.jpgLos Gatos, CAShareVault, an industry-leading provider of life science virtual data rooms, along with IRIS Interactive, a leading provider of proven software which enables life science companies to streamline the drug development process, announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance in order to provide an End-to-End Product Management Solution for the Life Sciences Industry across biotechnology, large pharma, and medical device companies.

Together the two companies provide an end-to-end platform for life science product lifecycle management—from discovery to partnering to commercialization—that is collaborative, secure and customizable when setting permissions for third parties to view sensitive documents. The combined solution is appropriate for life science companies of all sizes and stages of development.

IRIS Interactive helps life sciences companies accelerate time to market and achieve greater success rates with both new product development and new product launches. ShareVault facilitates the sharing of sensitive documents with third parties during transaction due diligence, partnering and other critical business processes. The end-to-end solution combines the companies’ strengths to deliver customers with a significant edge in bringing products to market.
While working for a leading pharmaceutical company, IRIS Interactive Chief Executive Janaki Joshi observed that the finance function relied on accounting systems to track day-to-day operations and for reporting to the board. However, the teams involved in product development, commercialization and brand management did not have a central tracking and document system to manage their product pipeline and brands, or to demonstrate the value they were delivering to the board and others in the company. Joshi therefore founded IRIS Interactive with the vision to provide a central product development, commercialization and marketing platform designed and customized to manage the key day-to-day operations of the company’s pipeline and brands, while at the same time retaining all the knowledge and learning from the process, as well as reporting the value delivered to the business.

drug_costs_image.jpg“Knowledge gathered during the drug development process does not get shared effectively,” stated Joshi. “And every week of delay costs millions of dollars. What’s needed is a centralized platform to manage information so all teams can operate more efficiently, collaborate in real time, benchmark, monitor how long processes take, identify sources of delay and quickly fix them. That’s what IRIS provides.”

ShareVault was established in 2003 as an on-demand, cloud-based web platform that provides an organized document repository with bank-grade security for sharing confidential documents with third parties. ShareVault has facilitated hundreds of billions of dollars in business transactions, has customers in 48 countries, and is routinely used for sharing confidential documents during the drug development process and for bio-pharmaceutical partnering collaboration.

“The value of a life sciences asset is embodied in its information,” stated Richard Andersen, Chief Executive Officer of ShareVault. “Ensuring that the information about an asset is comprehensive, complete, current, organized and secure, as well as accessible to the parties that must have access to that information — and not accessible to those who don’t — is critical for maximizing the value of the asset. We are very excited about the alliance between IRIS and ShareVault because it will further facilitate the active collaboration among internal and external stakeholders during life science asset development and commercialization.”

IRIS Interactive has been in operation for over 12 years and has offices in the USA, Australia and India. Their platform is currently being used by over 10,000 healthcare staff members in 25 countries.

CONTACT: Julie May | Team May Day |

CONTACT: Rachel Pharn | Product Consulting Associate | IRIS Interactive |

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend 2016 BIO International Convention

Posted by Steve Joseph on May 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM

BIO-CONVENTION-LOGO_HORIZONTAL_D_CMYK.pngJune 6-9, 2016 | San Francisco, CA

The BIO International Convention returns to the birthplace of biotech, San Francisco, California for 2016! The Bay Area continues to grow and advance biomedical innovation while continuing to offer programs and services to support new medical advances. Join the global biotech community in San Francisco and see how the everyday becomes extraordinary at BIO 2016!

Why Attend BIO?

The BIO International Convention (BIO) attracts over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders who come together for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. This event covers a wide spectrum of life science and application areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy. 

About the Attendees:

  • One-third of BIO attendees come from outside the U.S. 
  • 2,500+ CEO's from leading biotech companies
  • More than 70% of attendees are either Managers, Directors, C-Level or Executive Management.
  • All company sizes: 33% of attendees are from companies with more than 500 employees and 40% are from companies with fewer than 50 employees.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend BIO International Convention

  1. Find partners, sustain projects and find funding in the BIO One-on-One Partnering System
  2. Ability to connect efficiently: Meet with 4,000+ attending companies and 1,800+ exhibiting companies 
  3. Gain new perspectives from executive visionaries in our new Fireside Chats (announced late February)  
  4. Network with 2,500 CEOs and 15,000+ attendees from 69 countries
  5. Explore solutions and meet service providers in one of our 7 product focus zones or specialty zones. 
  6. Super Sessions exploring the latest on biotechnology's hot button issues (sessions announced late February)
  7. Attend one of our 18 education tracks featuring new topics: brain health, biotherapeutic delivery and clinical trials
  8. Attend an array of networking events and high-end parties showcasing the best of the Bay
  9. Tuesday night Exhibitor Hospitality Receptions in the BIO Exhibition
  10. Hear the latest innovations from Patient & Health groups in the Alliance Pavilion in the BIO Exhibition

ShareVault hopes to see you there!

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The Nuts & Bolts of Due Diligence in BioPharma Partnering [webinar]

Posted by Steve Joseph on May 18, 2016 12:29:15 PM

Nuts-and-Bolts-Artwork.pngWe hope to see you at this year's BIO International Convention June 6th through 9th in San Francisco. The BIO International Convention attracts over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders who come together for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. The event covers a wide spectrum of life science and application areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy. 

To help you better prepare for the often complex partnering process ShareVault and BIO, along with LES, have teamed up to present a web panel discussion intitled, "The Nuts & Bolts of Due Diligence in BioPharma Partnering." This live and lively discussion will focus on best practices for due diligence for forming productive biopharma partnerships. 

During the panel, biotech licensing and pharmaceutical business development consultant Linda Pullan will be joined by six panelists who are experts in the field of biopharma partnering due diligence.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

The panel includes two due diligence experts from global pharmaceutical companies, the Chief Operating Officer of a biopharma with cancer drugs in development in partnership with a global pharmaceutical company, an attorney with expertise in biotechnology licensing, and two consultants with expertise in corporate and business development and the issues that arise during due diligence and afterward, if due diligence hasn't been done well. 

The panelists will discuss the most important aspects to consider during the due diligence process leading up to a successful partnership. Among the topics covered in the discussion are:

  • The importance of IP due diligence
  • What large pharma expects when entering due diligence with a biopharma company
  • Best ways to present and stage information that is disclosed to a potential partner
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • How to recognize potential problems and address them early in the process
  • The best practices for the best long-term partnerships
  • And more...

If you are seeking to partner with another biopharmaceutical company, or desire to out- or in-license a drug or other asset, you'll want to hear these perspectives.

Linda_Pullan.jpgAbout the Panelists:

Linda Pullan, PhD
Pullan Consulting

Linda offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies consulting in all aspects of partnering. Linda has a PhD in Biochemistry, a BS in Chemistry, and more than twenty years of drug industry experience.

James_McCarthy-sm.jpgJames A. McCarthy, CLP, MBA
Corporate and Business Development, Alliance Management, CorpDev Ventures

Jim has thirty years of life sciences professional experiences. His background includes a twenty-five year career with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly & Company and over fifteen years in international corporate business development and licensing roles. These efforts included projects and deals in over 30 countries with over 80 completed agreements across a range of transactions valued in excess of $900 million. He holds an MBA from Indiana University, a B.S. in Physical Therapy from SUNY Upstate Medical Center, and is a recipient of the Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) designation.

Natalie_Mirutenko-sm.pngNatalie Mirutenko, PhD
Transaction and Due Diligence Senior Director for the Center of External Innovation at Takeda

Natalie is an accomplished biopharmaceutical Business Development professional with a strong track record of results oriented achievements in technology, company, and product licensing and acquisition. She has over 35 years of diversified biopharmaceutical experience, with scientific, financial, strategic, and business perspective. Her extensive experience also includes leading scientific assessment, due diligence and deal valuation, negotiation and execution with a genuine passion for seeking out new business opportunities and creative deal structures. She is an Immunologist by training and is an accomplished business executive with 35 years of business development, licensing and drug development experience.

David_Snitman-sm.jpgDavid L. Snitman, PhD
Partner, DL Snitman Inc and Former COO, Array BioPharma

David is a partner in a biotech business development-consulting agency, DL Snitman Inc. He is a Cofounder of Array BioPharma and had served as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development from 1998 to 2015. During his tenure at Array he lead over a dozen partnering deals, providing more then $600M in non-dilutive capital. He served as a member of the Board of Directors from May 1998 to October 2012. Prior to forming Array, David held various positions with Amgen Inc. since 1981, including Associate Director, New Products and Technology and Manager of Amgen's Boulder research facility. David received a BS in chemistry from Northeastern University and obtained a PhD in the synthesis of natural products from the University of Colorado. He was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Patrick_Gattari-sm.jpgPatrick Gattari, JD
Partner, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

Patrick's practice focuses on patent prosecution and technology licensing, with emphasis in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. His 20-plus years of practice has emphasized patent portfolio management and the licensing, acquisition, and sale of intellectual property. Prior to joining MBHB, Patrick was patent counsel at Dade Behring, Inc. (now Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics). Early in his career, he worked for Abbott Laboratories in a variety of positions focusing on the development and production of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products.

Anne-Marie-Costelloe-sm.jpgAnn-Marie Costelloe, AFBPS, Chartered Organization Psychologist | Executive Consultant, Somerville Partners

With over 20 years of organizational development consulting with organizations, teams and individuals, Ann-Marie directly contributes to financial success by customizing solutions to assist leaders increase employee engagement and contributions, align strategy and tactics, and elevate performance across the business. Ann-Marie also provides due diligence assessments of target management teams for VC and PE firms.

William_Gangi-sm.jpgWilliam Gangi, MS, MBA | Director, Due Diligence Program Manager - Corporate Development, Shire

William currently serves as a Director, Due Diligence Program Manager within the Corporate Development department at Shire. He has 20 years of drug development, commercialization and strategic operations experience within the biopharmaceutical industry. He received a BS and MS in Biology from St. John's University and a MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

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Bio One-on-One Partnering is Now Open!

Posted by Steve Joseph on May 3, 2016 11:29:10 AM



BIO-logo-1.pngJune 6-9, 2016



Join us for another record-breaking year: 3100+ companies

in 29,000+ BIO One-on-One Partnering Meetings

Spend more time meeting potential partners and developing your business at BIO 2016! An additional half day of partnering meetings has been added on Monday, June 6, giving you a full three and a half days to meet with innovators, in-licensors, investors and buyers in San Francisco.

Register Now

 Register with Convention Access + Partnering to access the system, set up your company profile and calendar, and find companies you want to meet with at BIO 2016. Our stats show that those who send meeting requests early get the most meetings.

NEW! Allicense is at BIO2016! The premiere BD thought-leadership conference will be housed inside BIO2016 on June 8th

Upgrade your registration to hobnob with the dealmakers!

Once you register for Partnering, you will receive your credentials within 1-3 business days.

Watch the Partnering Video |  Training Videos

We hope to see you there!


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Mansour Salame Joins ShareVault Board of Directors

Posted by Richard Andersen on Apr 20, 2016 4:55:46 PM

mansour-salame.jpgShareVault is pleased to announce that Mansour Salame has joined the board of directors of Pandesa Corporation, dba ShareVault. As a former customer of ShareVault, Mansour knows the product, and understands that using ShareVault for due diligence can lead to increased valuation.

Previously a ShareVault Customer

As CEO of Contactual, which was acquired by 8x8 in 2011, Mansour selected ShareVault as a virtual data room for sharing documents during the due diligence process. Although the company had been using Box for sharing other types of documents, Mansour realized that a tool like ShareVault would provide much better control for due diligence. "Using Box instead of ShareVault would have cost me money because I would not have been able to adequately control document access during the stages of the due diligence process. In addition, using ShareVault gave us the credibility and level of professionalism that was invaluable. Access to information in a competitive industry is crucial, so being able to control access in a staged way according to deadlines gave us additional leverage", said Mansour. Describing his anticipated contribution to the company he commented "ShareVault has demonstrated that delivering rigorous document security does not require sacrificing ease-of-use.  I enthusiastically look forward to contributing to the company's continued growth as a board member."  

Serial Entrepreneur

Mansour is a successful technology executive and entrepreneur. His first startup NextAge Technologies was acquired by Alcatel (NYSE: ALU). His second startup, Contactual, was acquired by 8x8 (Nasdaq: EGHT). He has recently founded his 3rd Startup, FrontSpin. He also served on the Board of Directors of 8x8. Prior to NextAge he was an executive at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. and a management consultant at Andersen Consulting (Accenture). Mansour has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University

Positioned for Growth

"We are thrilled to have Mansour on the board as we position ShareVault for accelerated growth in 2016. His strategic mindset and his focus on business instrumentation are already proving to be invaluable," said Richard Andersen, founder and CEO of ShareVault. “Mansour’s addition to our already experienced board poises us for accelerated growth this year and beyond.”


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Join Us at the 3rd Due Diligence Summit for Life Sciences, May 18-20!

Posted by Steve Joseph on Apr 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

3rd_due_diligence_summit_logo.jpgShareVault cordially invites you to join us as we partner with ExL Pharma for the 3rd Due Diligence Summit for Life Sciences. 

At the 3rd Due Diligence Summit for Life Sciences, taking place on May 18-19 in Boston, attendees will hear from 18+ industry leaders about their thoughts on, approaches to and insights regarding strategic alliances through multiple case studies and standalone sessions.

This premier event will provide an overview of the proven strategies and insights of due diligence leaders from medical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and discuss how best to maneuver the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.

Taking place in an intimate, relaxed setting, this summit is ideal for engaging and networking. View the agenda and the lineup of expert faculty or download the brochure for more information. 

As a supporter of this event, ShareVault is pleased to offer you a 15% discount off the standard registration rate.

Register Now

To take advantage of this offer, register using
Discount Code: C787SV

About ShareVault

Over the past several years, ShareVault has become a leading virtual data room provider in the life sciences industry. The company’s worldwide customers (in 48 countries) range from two-person virtual biotechs to large pharma and also include medical device and diagnostics manufacturers, small to large CROs and CMOs, health care systems, and life science-specific venture capital firms.

Within the biopharma arena, ShareVault is commonly used both for out-licensing and in-licensing as well as for M&A, and for sharing sensitive documents with internal regulatory affairs departments, CROs, CMOs and external regulatory advisors. ShareVault has also been adopted by large pharma for some extremely sensitive applications such as clinical trial transparency.

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About ShareVault

Simple & Secure Document Sharing

ShareVault offers virtual data rooms for securely sharing documents with third parties. Typically used to share due diligence documents during M&A, partnering, fundraising and other dealmaking scenarios, ShareVault is increasingly being used for a wide variety of other applications, primarily in highly regulated industries, for securely sharing documents with third parties. ShareVault can be set up and deployed in an hour, yet offers enterprise-grade security and scaleability.

Learn More About Sharing Documents Simply and Securely Using ShareVault

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