Raising More Capital Through a Regulation A+ Offering [Webinar]

Posted by John Badger on Sep 18, 2015 8:33:59 AM

On Thursday, October 8th, ShareVault, in partnership with Command Financial and Morrison Foerster, will be offering a free webinar presented by Anna Pinedo highlighting how private companies can use Regulation A+ as an exciting new alternative for raising capital.

Now that the Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted final rules amending Regulation A, there are new opportunities to use Regulation A to raise capital or increase liquidity.

Although its availability is not limited to any particular industry sector, life sciences and biotech companies, community banks, and real estate businesses may find this alternative especially attractive. In this webinar, Ms. Pineda will provide an overview of the new rules, focusing especially on Tier 2 offerings, which permit an issuer to raise up to 50 million dollars in proceeds.

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During the webinar Ms. Pinedo will address:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Preparation of disclosure materials
  • “Testing the waters” and other communications issues
  • Integration of offerings in close proximity
  • Regulation A as a precursor to an IPO
  • Use by selling stockholders, and
  • Obtaining a concurrent stock exchange listing

About Anna Pinedo:

Anna Pinedo, a partner with Morrison & Foerster, has concentrated her practice on securities and derivatives. She represents issuers, investment banks/financial intermediaries, and investors in financing transactions, including public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities, as well as structured notes and other hybrid and structured products.

Ms. Pinedo works closely with financial institutions to create and structure innovative financing techniques, including new securities distribution methodologies and financial products.

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ShareVault will be at the Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference

Posted by Steve Joseph on Sep 15, 2015 9:55:18 AM

Vail, Colorado

On September 23rd and 24th ShareVault will be at the 4th Biennial Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference where we are a “Summit Partner” co-sponsor of the partnering forum space at the conference.

The Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference, held in Vail, Colorado, is committed to bringing together leading investors, emerging companies and senior executives in order to cultivate partnerships within the life science industry.

The Rocky Mountain region is the largest and most advanced area between both coasts for venture capital investment in the life sciences, with Colorado ranking in the top 10 among states, garnering more than $1.2 billion dollars in financings and investments from 2011-2013.

During the conference attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet one-on-one with top life science companies
  • Evaluate fresh investment opportunities
  • Observe thirty of the region's most innovative life science companies present to a targeted audience of device, diagnostic and pharma investors
  • Network with presenters, investors and other conference attendees

This is a great opportunity to participate in some of the newest deals and meet those who are shaping the future landscape of the life sciences industry.

Life science companies routinely use ShareVault for sharing documents securely during biotech licensing, partnering, fundraising and tech transfer.

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What's Hot & What's Not in Immuno-Oncology Licensing

Posted by Steve Joseph on Sep 15, 2015 8:54:21 AM

Immuno‑Oncology (I‑O) is a rapidly evolving field that focuses on the immune system in the fight against cancer. Today, surgery, radiation, and cytotoxic/targeted therapies are common treatment approaches in many advanced cancers. However, global mortality rates remain high for many patients with advanced tumors. The goal of Immuno-Oncology (I-O) research is to fulfill the unmet need for improving clinical outcomes in several advanced cancers by finding new ways to stop cancer from evading the immune system, thereby restoring the body's natural ability to recognize and eliminate cancer.

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M&A Negotiations: Are You As Good As You Could Be? [Webinar]

Posted by John Badger on Sep 9, 2015 8:35:40 AM

Most business executives believe they are good negotiators. But over many years of participating in M&A negotiations on behalf of Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard, Brian Moriarty has observed that oftentimes very intelligent business people don't always employ negotiation best practices. Brian has found that, in many cases, negotiators could have significantly improved their position by implementing the findings of academics and other experts who have researched the most effective negotiation techniques.

The fact is, negotiation isn't innate for most people, rather it’s a skill that can be learned. Negotiating effectively can be learned by experience, which can be very time consuming and costly, or it can be learned by studying the findings of negotiation experts.

On September 17th at 11am Pacific Daylight Time, ShareVault will host a webinar presented by Brian Moriarty that explores the nuances and best practices for M&A negotiations. In the webinar, Brian will cover:

  • The most common scenarios that arise when selling your company
  • The choices you have when negotiating the terms of the sale
  • Which choices are your best ones, as supported by academic research

If you have plans to negotiate—whether it's for the terms of a potential sale of your company or any other asset—you won't want to miss Brian's presentation on negotiation best practices. 

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The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Conducting Due Diligence

Posted by Richard Andersen on Sep 9, 2015 7:56:57 AM

due-diligence_graphic_bindersWhen conducting due diligence on a target company, your goal is to thoroughly evaluate its affairs in order to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with an acquisition. After completing a preliminary overview investigation of the company and signing a letter of intent or term sheet, it’s time to dig deep into corporate data. This will include finances, sales figures, customer data, ownership of assets, personnel records and customer data. Keep in mind that some proprietary information may be staged for later in the due diligence process when it's warranted by the seriousness of your intent. 

#1 Set Up a Virtual Data Room

The best way to thoroughly and efficiently evaluate comprehensive corporate data is to view it in an organized virtual data room that is not only easy to navigate, but also completely secure. If due diligence experts can access a central, online document repository that is indexed, fully-searchable and available around the clock, not only is the transaction more comprehensive and transparent, but it also greatly expedites the due diligence process. As a buyer, this type of secure access to corporate data streamlines due diligence and reduces the time it takes to make an informed decision. Provide the target company with a due diligence checklist and have them populate the data room in the exact hierarchical structure that best meets your diligence needs.

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5 Indications that New Gene Therapies for Rare Disorders is a Bunny That’s Not Going Back in the Box [Pie Chart]

Posted by Steve Joseph on Aug 19, 2015 7:24:23 AM

test_tubesExciting new gene and cell therapy technologies have the potential to treat devastating inherited diseases and rare disorders for which there is little hope of finding a conventional cure. Recent cutting-edge advances in genetic therapies are likely to provide game-changing treatments, if not cures, for many patients with rare inherited disorders.

Many speculate that advanced viral vector platforms are likely to reach the market in the next couple of years. In addition, optimism has been building in the industry following exciting recent breakthroughs in gene editing.

But how do we know if we’re there yet? Below are five industry trends that indicate that optimism is high in the gene therapy field and that we may very well see gene editing therapies for rare, and not so rare, disorders getting market approval in the very near future.

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Understanding New Patent Litigation Alternatives

Posted by John Badger on Aug 14, 2015 7:40:10 AM

justice2The Leahy-Smith American Invents Act (AIA) is a United States federal statute that was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on September 16, 2011 establishing new trial proceedings to be conducted by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in the United States Patent Office. The law represents the most significant change to the U.S. patent system since 1952. Its central provisions went into effect on September 16, 2012 and on March 16, 2013.

Named for its lead sponsors, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX), the Act switches the U.S. patent system from a system based on invention date to a system based on patent filing date.

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ShareVault Announces Two-Step Verification (Two Factor Authentication)

Posted by Phil Bandy on Aug 10, 2015 12:01:00 AM

Today, ShareVault announced Two-Step Verification (2SV), also known as two-factor authentication, which further increases the security of ShareVault, while adding only a few extra steps to the activation and login steps for users of ShareVaults protected by 2SV. Verification works by sending a code by SMS text message to the user's mobile phone, or by using the Google Authenticator app on the user's smart phone.

Enhanced Security

2SV provides significantly enhanced security because a hacker attempting to gain access to a ShareVault account would need to not only hack into the user's email account, but also gain access to the user's SMS, which uses a completely separate and independent network.  In addition, a hacker would need to know the user's password or security question.  Finally, 2SV makes it much more difficult for an authorized user to share his/her credentials with another unauthorized person.

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7 Reasons Biotech Companies Use ShareVault for Partnering & Licensing

Posted by Steve Joseph on Aug 3, 2015 12:01:33 PM

test_tube_toastAlthough today’s biotech industry venture funding levels are among the strongest in the sector’s history, some things haven't changed—the volatility resulting from constant innovation, uncertain outcome of clinical trials, and a changing regulatory environment, continue to create challenges both for facilitating growth and establishing strategic alliances.

To thrive in this challenging climate, life science companies need to be equipped with the best tools during fundraising, R&D, clinical trials and establishing effective partnerships. Each of these activities requires thorough due diligence during which intellectual property must be shared efficiently and securely with third parties. A good virtual data room (VDR) is the ideal tool for addressing these challenges. The right virtual data room can save time, minimize risk and increase the likelihood of completing successful transactions.

A good virtual data room also allows biotech companies to court multiple worldwide partners or licensees, while securing data and keeping detailed tracking information as third parties review regulatory submission data, clinical trial information, market statistics, research data and other critical documents. A good virtual data room also allows biotech companies to stage the sharing of sensitive information until the seriousness of the partner merits it. Once a deal is struck with a definitive partner(s) or licensee(s), access to the data room for other users can be retroactively revoked, even for documents that have already been downloaded.

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6 Ways to Boost Due Diligence & Maximize the Value of Your Deal

Posted by John Badger on Jul 24, 2015 8:59:30 AM

due-diligenceIn today’s robust economic climate of mergers, acquisitions, private equity and venture-backed investment activity, many businesses, at some point in their life cycle, can expect to be put under the due diligence microscope. At ShareVault we’ve facilitated thousands of transactions worth tens of billions of dollars in 46 countries and we’ve learned through experience that the speed and effectiveness of the due diligence process can have a direct impact on deal success and valuation.

Here are our top six best practices for streamlining the due diligence process and maximizing the value of your deal:

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ShareVault offers virtual data rooms for securely sharing documents with third parties. Typically used to share due diligence documents during M&A, partnering, fundraising and other dealmaking scenarios, ShareVault is increasingly being used for a wide variety of other applications, primarily in highly regulated industries, for securely sharing documents with third parties. ShareVault can be set up and deployed in an hour, yet offers enterprise-grade security and scaleability.

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